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Hunter Army Airfield Natatorium

Savannah, Georgia

About The Aquatic Facility Design

Indoor Aquatic Facility
Hunter Army Airfield Natatorium

A decision was made by the U.S. Military to build a recreation / training complex at the Hunter Army Airfield Base in Georgia. Aquatic Design Consultants, Inc. was selected to design the natatorium portion of the facility.

Because this aquatic facility is an integral part of the rigorous training program at Hunter, design requirements are quite unique for a natatorium. The swimming pool systems had to be designed for a dual purpose. First, the facility accommodates the instantaneous entrance of 150 soldiers with full field gear into the pool. The treatment system is designed to store and replace the displaced water and quickly filter the water of all mud, sand, and grit introduced by the battle gear during the training exercise. Second, the swimming pool facility accommodates 25 meter swimming competitions, diving, swimming lessons, and general recreational use.

25 Meter course

1 meter diving

Training facility

Recreation facility

Area for aqua aerobics

Areas for swimming lessons

Cutting edge water treatment systems specifically designed for the best quality water and air in the indoor natatorium

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