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Recent Aquatic Facility Design Projects

We help public and private sector clients everywhere plan and design all types of facilities such as:

Commercial Waterparks

Municipal Waterparks

Competition Swimming Pools


Military Training Facilities

Water Recreation Facilities

Diving Facilities

Therapy Pools

High-end Architectural Pools

Interactive Fountains

Spray/Play Grounds

ANY Type of Aquatic Facility!

In the end, satisfying the needs of our clients is the only thing that matters.

Aquatic Design Consultants, Inc. is a design company founded by veteran professional aquatic designers who decided to build a firm completely dedicated to planning and designing truly successful facilities for their clients. | We accomplish this goal by maintaining a staff of the most innovative, creative and aquatics savvy professional designers in the industry. | The efforts of our designers are supported by the culture of our company. We encourage a sense of success based solely on how well we satisfy our client’s needs. Our designers are rewarded within the firm based on how successful their facility designs are.