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Frequently Asked Questions

Waterpark & Aquatic Center Planners & Engineers



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you design internationally?

Yes. We design aquatic facility projects anywhere in the world. Our company has designed several waterparks in a variety of different countries. Our waterpark planning and design professionals are experts at understanding the unique needs and desires within different cultures.

Do you help municipalities with their aquatic projects?
Yes, we can help municipalities by providing a number of services. We can evaluate old facilities and provide recommendations on repairing, enhancing, or replacing aging pools. We provide planning and schematic design to help make decisions on aquatic facilities. We develop renderings and drawings to help promote bond issues. We facilitate community meetings to discuss aquatic improvements. We design and provide construction administration services on a variety of municipal aquatic projects.

Our services are customized to meet the particular needs of each community.

We already have an architect we would like to work with. Do you ever work with such architects as their specialty aquatic designers?
ABSOLUTELY. For a large percentage of our projects we work with architects local to the project that the owner has either already selected or would like to use as part of the planning and/or design team. We fit seamlessly within such design teams and the project owner gets the best of both worlds, designers they have an existing comfort level with, and our expert aquatic facility engineers.
Do you ever work for other architectural or engineering firms?
Yes, for many of our projects we serve as the expert aquatic consultants to other firms that are the prime project designers. In such cases our services as subordinate expert designers blend in seamlessly with yours.
Are you affiliated with other companies?

No, we are completely independent and our only focus is planning and designing what is best for our clients. Many of our competitors have affiliations that influence their design choices. We however, design equipment and features that involve the manufacturers that are the absolute best for a given project, without any influence whatsoever. This results in aquatic facilities that match the needs of our clients perfectly, without being over priced because of single source loyalties. Our only loyalty is to our clients!

Can you design projects in my State?
Yes, we can provide professional aquatic planning and design services anywhere in the world. Our projects are currently spread throughout the United States and internationally.
Do you ever do design/build projects?
Yes, we have several expert aquatic contractors we often team with for such projects. We always tailor our design/build team based on the needs of the project and its geographic location.
Do you plan and design commercial facilities?
Yes, we provide planning and design for waterparks, and all types of commercial aquatic facilities.
Do you design military projects?
Yes, we have completed several premiere facilities for different branches of the military. We take pride in providing our armed services with facilities that meet their specialized needs for training, exercise, and/or recreation.